LIFE GRIN in collaboration with Noesis European Development Consulting organized a workshop for the replicability and transferability of the Project LIFE GrIn.

The event took place on 1st December 2023 in Barton Park, in Perugia and served as a platform for sharing valuable insights, guidelines, and experiences with key stakeholders in the field, including municipalities, urban planners, and green planners.

The results of the LIFE GRIN project were presented by the coordinator Dr. Konstantinia Tsagari (ELGO), by Dr. Aimilia Kontogianni and Mr. Lefteris Mystakidis (Homeotech Co.), while the event was greeted by representatives from KEDE, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Municipalities of Amarousion and Heraklion.

During the Workshop, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the results of the LIFE GRIN project with the ultimate goal of inspiring and enabling the replication of successful models within Greece and across the European Union, while they shared experience and good practices. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to promote cooperation between the different institutions and to create a network for knowledge exchange at European level.

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