On 03-06 October, 2019, LIFE GrIn project team has been represented by Dr. E. Avramidou and Dr. A. Solomou, researchers of the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (Hellenic Agricultural Organization “DEMETER”) in X Agrosym Conference, which took place in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the congress the following peer-reviewed article were announced, regarding the preliminary results and the progress of the project:

E. V. Avramidou, A. D. Solomou, E. Korakaki, K. Tsagkari, N. Proutsos, G. Karetsos, A. B. Kontogianni, N. Gounaris, K. Kontos, Ch. Georgiadis, D. Vlachaki, 2019. LIFEGrIn: Greening Our Cities for More Resilient Lives.

The articles are available in the congress proceedings: http://agrosym.ues.rs.ba/index.php/en/

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