A. Preparatory Actions

A.1: Analysis of the current situation regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation needs in the partner municipalities – SWOT analysis

Duration: 15/06/2018 – 30/06/2019

A.2: Elaboration of detailed Communication Plan – Development of Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Duration: 15/06/2018 – 31/12/2018

C. Implementation Actions

C.1: Implementation of climate governance in the management & monitoring of urban green areas

Duration: 01/10/2018 – 31/03/2019

C.2: Development of cooperation platform and register of urban green infrastructure

Duration: 01/01/2019 – 30/06/2021

C.3: Sustainable management of urban green areas in partner Municipalities (elaboration of long-term management plans & pilot implementation of specific measures)

Duration: 01/04/2019 – 30/06/2021

C.4: Improvement of local & national policies (to incorporate best practices and resolve conflicts)

Duration: 01/10/2018 – 30/06/2021

C.5: Replication & transfer plan of the project results

Duration: 01/01/2021 – 30/09/2021

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D.1: Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Duration: 15/06/2018 – 30/06/2021

D.2: Reporting on the LIFE project performance indicators (KPI)

Duration: 01/07/2018 – 30/09/2021

E. Communication and dissemination of results

E.1: Communication and dissemination of results

Duration: 15/06/2018 – 30/09/2021

F. Project Management

F.1: Project management

Duration: 15/06/2018 – 30/09/2021

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