The project aims at integrating and promoting European policies in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as sustainable urban planning and design. It also promotes the incorporation of sustainable urban green management for climate change adaptation and mitigation,  the Covenant of Mayors and other EU policies.

The results of the pilot implementation in the two participating municipalities will be used to improve local, regional and national policies. Thus, the project will contribute to the creation of a common foundation for the management of the urban green infrastructure, and to create a solid basis for incorporating protection and enhancement of urban green areas in the overall municipal planning. It is crucial to ensure that there will be room for trees, natural areas and green path connections in the future.

These policies will also set requirements for quality, financial priority, and protection of natural and cultural values that make up the green capital of the cities.

The coordinator of LIFE GrIn project, Dr. K. Tsagari, Director of the Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems Institute (HAO – Demeter), speaks in the Hellenic Parliament about the funding of research programs.

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