On November 8, 2019 the 2nd Info day for presenting and consulting the project Creation of a Model Urban Green Space in the Municipality of Amaroussion, in the frame of LIFE GrIn Program.

The aim of the Info-Day was to describe the works for the establishment, enhancement and management of urban green that will take place in Protagoras Street, and they will be implementing according to the principles of Urban Forestry and Bioclimatic Design.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Amaroussion, Mr. T. Abatzoglou and the Deputy Mayor Mr. Stefanos Zygourakis, welcomed the opening, while the coordinator of the project Dr. Constantinia Tsagari presented LIFE GrIn’s objectives and actions. On behalf of the working group of the Municipality of Amaroussion, Mr. A. Merkouris, Agriculturalist MSc and Dr. N. Tsolkas Agriculturalist – Landscape Architect, developed the philosophy of creating a public urban green space with sustainability criteria in the area of Protagoras street. Additionally, they requested everyone’s assistance during the implementation of the project, but also for its maintenance and the protection.

In particular, the project proposed the establishment of three thematic gardens with species adapted to the microclimate of the area. The three gardens will include the Hellenic, the Anhydrous (arid) and the Butterfly Garden. It is also proposed to create an artificial meadow in order to bring nature into the city.

The following discussion documented the proposals of the residents and stakeholders that will be taken into account in the final design.

Detailed Press Release: Press Release_8.11.2019_
More information on the Website of the Municipality of Amaroussion.

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