The Directorate of Forest Protection, of the General Directorate of Forests and Forest Environment, of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, as a beneficiary of the LIFE GrIn project, is organizing a networking meeting, on Monday 21.09.2020 at 9:30, in the in the premises of the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology in Ilisia.

As the LIFE GrIn project focuses to promote the climate governance through the principals of Urban Forestry and the optimization of Urban Green management, it is of the utmost importance to strength the networking with the team of the integrated project LIFE-IP AdaptInGR – Boosting the implementation of adaptation policy across Greece, aiming to a further, fruitful collaboration. During the meeting the objectives of the two projects will be presented, while each beneficiary will introduce their role, as it is shown to the schedule bellow.

Firstly, Dr. K. Tsagari – the project coordinator and the president of the IMFE – will give an introduction to the overall objectives of the LIFE GrIn, while on behalf of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, a member from the Climate Change department of the Ministry will do the project presentation. Afterwards, representatives from the other beneficiaries, such are HomeoTech Co, Directorate of Forest Protection of the Ministry, KEDE and the Municipality of Katerini will speak about their roles.

Following the presentations, a discussion will take place, between the participants, including the external monitor of the LIFE GrIn project, representatives from several Directorates of the Ministry, from the Municipalities of Maroussi, Heraklion and Katerini, the National Observatory, the National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens, the Green Fund and the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, the event it is not open to the public, and only a small number of invited participants will take part to the meeting. Every necessary precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus will be taken, in order to ensure the protection of public health.

The Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr. Nikolaos Tagaras, the General Secretary of Natural Environment and Water, Mr. Konstantinos Arabosis, the General Director of Environmental Policy, Mr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos are expected to open and greet the event.

For more information please visit the web site of LIFE-IP AdaptInGR:

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