On 15/12/2022, the Micrometeorology course was held in the framework of the Graduate Program Agrometeorology, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) taught by Dr. Nikolaos Proutsos, Associated Researcher in the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (IMFE).The participants were informed about the LIFE GrIn project (LIFE17GIC_GR_000029) by Dr. A. Solomou, Associated Researcher of IMFE. Then the positive interaction of urban green and the climate was extensively presented by Dr. N. Prοutsos, the method and principles of operation of the weather station’s sensors and evaluation of the quality of the data provided. Finally, an analytical discussion was held on the relations in the continuous soil, plants and atmosphere and their interactions in the urban green areas, with extensive references to the way to exploit and use meteorological and climate information for the correct planning and rational management of resources in urban green areas. The presentation of LIFE GrIn to the Postgraduate students is a continuation of the 3-year collaboration between IMFE and the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA).

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