On October 17, 2019, the second meteorological station was installed in the context of the implementation of the LIFE GrIn project, in the Municipality of Heraklion. During the installation works the researchers from the Hellenic Agricultural Organization “DEMETER”, Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, Dr. K. Tsagari and Dr. E. Avramidou, with Mrs. E. Fragkouli, Mr. E. Trantas and Mr. E. Paraskevas, foresters and agriculturists of the Municipality, were present and supervising, while Mrs A. Panagiotou, director of Public Relationships and Mrs D. Chamakioti, responsible for the international relationships of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) were present.

The station has been installed in an urban green area of the Municipality, where works of establishment, protection and enhancement of urban green will take place, and it is able to automatically record high-precision data concerning of air temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature and humidity, ground heat flux, total solar and photosynthetic active radiation, wind velocity and turbulence, precipitation etc. The meteorological and micro-meteorological data will be recorded in a ten-minute time step.

Additionally, the LIFE GrIn team met with the Deputy Mayor of green Mr. Ioannis Anastasakis, in order to discuss urban forestry and urban green management issues. In the meeting a consultation has been planned, with stakeholders relative to urban forestry and urban green, that will take place in the Center for Structured Democratic Dialogue, Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Dimiskopio”, in November.

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