LIFE GrIn project team has been represented by Dr. G. Karetsos and Dr. E. Korakaki, researchers of the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (Hellenic Agricultural Organization “DEMETER”) in the 19th National Forestry Conference, organized by the Hellenic Forestry Society and took place in Litochoro, in Pieria, Greece. During the congress the following peer-reviewed article were announced, regarding the preliminary results and the progress of the project:

– N. Proutsos, E. Korakaki, C. Tsagari, A. Solomou, E. Avramidou, G. Karetsos, K. Kaoukis, G. Mantakas, C. Georgiadis, A.B. Kontogianni, K. Kontos, D. Vlachaki, N. Gounaris, 2019. Promoting urban integration through green infrastructure incorporation to improve climate governance in cities.

The aim of the paper was to present LIFE GrIn project, highlighting to its objective to develop an integrated and participatory framework for addressing the impact of climate change via the sustainable management of urban green spaces (UGAs), in both local and national level.

Furthermore, along the presentation the project actions, the innovative tools and indicators that are developing in order to evaluate, monitor and enhance the ecological situation of the UGAs, and the preliminary results from the SWOT analyses for the Municipalities of Amaroussion and Heraklion have been presented.

The members of the scientific community who were attending showed great interest in the project.

The article is available in the conference proceedings (page 173):

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