In the context of the first speech of the new series “Protection of Nature Lab” on the topic of “Promoting Urban Integration of Green Infrastructure to Improve Climate Governance in Cities “, Dr. Georgios Karetsos,  former Research Director at the Institute of Mediterranean & Forest Ecosystems (ELGO -DIMITRA), spoke about the conditions for the development of urban greenery and proposed good practices.
As it states: “The project tries to contribute to the information, the integration of European and international ideas and practices to deal with climate change and the improvement of the institutional framework for the management of Urban Green Spaces. COPs act as tools to reduce temperatures (-5.5 °C in bushes and -3.8 °C in grass, with an air temperature of 42 °C), reduce air pollution and noise intensity, enrich groundwater, corrosion control and have a positive effect on people’s mental health.”
 You can watch the whole speech here:
  • does urban green help to address climate challenges

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