On January 24, 2019, a work meeting was held from a delegation of the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization ‘Demeter’ and the Environmental Management Company HOMEOTECH Co, at the premises of the Municipality of Amaroussion. The subject of the meeting concerned a discussion with the project team of the Municipality of Amaroussion on issues related to communication activities that are about to take place in the near future, in order to inform and involve the general public in the project. These activities refer to planting local plant species, as an action against climate change impacts in the urban environment.
The general Secretary of the Municipality, Mr. George Didaskalos welcomed the scientific delegation and wished them success in the project implementation. Furthermore, the Mayor of Amaroussion, Mr. George Patoulis, stated that the Municipality makes best use of national and European programme results towards the enhancement of the municipal infrastructure and improving the quality of life of the citizens. In particular, through the LIFE GrIn programme, an action against climate change will be carried out, using scientific guidance and interactive participation of citizens, in every neighborhood for now and the future.

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